HACCP Certification Toronto

Quantum Food Solutions understands that getting to the next level requires strong certifications, commitment as well as resources.
Quantum Food Solutions are committed to delivering world-class HACCP certification and consultation services using state-of-the-art tools and technologies to ensure your food products and manufacturing processes remain safe, wholesome and consistent. Quantum Food Solutions delivers an unsurpassed level of haccp and process validation services and promotes a culture of food safety through innovation and forward thinking. We provide comprehensive HACCP certification services for food products and manufacturing processes. Contact us for HACCP certification in Toronto or the surrounding GTA area.

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Get Haccp, Quality Food Safety Training Course and Process Certified

What We Offer


We offer programs such as HACCP, SFCR-PCPs, SQF, and BRCGS to ensure your food processes meet SFCR, customer and 3rd Party Audit requirements.


We validate your critical processes by helping you demonstrate that the food safety controls you have in place are effective and comply with regulation.


Our consulting service will make sure that your equipment is properly calibrated and running consistently and accurately.


We provide a variety of technical services to the Cannabis industry including but not limited to Quality Assurance Person (QAP), SOP development, technical assistance for both  cultivation and edible manufacturing operations.


Our training team implements HACCP training in a customizable format, unique to your work processes.


haccp certification exam, cchp and iso verified training

HACCP certification shows to consumers that you are concerned with delivering introduction to food safety certified training and iso, gmp and haccp food auditing quality assurance to show it's healthy for consumption.

This evidence-based approach can be especially useful when you are subject to inspection by regulatory authorities or stakeholders, and it is always worth the cost before any problems occur.

Trust us and our certified haccp course, haccp certificate and training course services in toronto to get the skills you need to meet food safety requirements.

Connect with us today and see the difference that us standards, auditing, food certification, food safety certification and information can make!

Our course provides quality training certificate and certification via haccp courses and food safety management systems in english by technical auditor with skills

in internal auditing requirements and international auditing, packaging compliance and compliance testing.

Food safety is all about preventing infection by harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites in food. One in eight Canadians are affected with food poisoning every year.

When handling food, take the right steps to keep it safe from these food contaminants, food cross contaminants and food storage issues.

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HACCP Certification Toronto

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