IFS PAC Secure

International Feature Standards

The IFS PACsecure Standard is for assessing packaging material manufacturing and converting processes
concerning product safety, quality, and customer and regulatory compliance. It supports businesses in meeting
the growing transparency and traceability demands in the market and contributes to improving product integrity
and increasing efficiency.

The standard is applicable for the production, processing/conversion of packaging components/materials intended to
be used as primary or secondary packaging in food, cosmetics, household, and personal care products.

Benefits of IFS PAC Secure

IFS Certification offers several key benefits for packaging suppliers striving for excellence in quality, product safety, and
customer satisfaction and those seeking a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

  • IFS Certification grows sales
  • The requirements reduce operating costs and increase efficiency
  • The scoring system drives continuous improvement
  • The IFS risk-based approach enables individual risk assessments
  • The non-prescriptive approach allows custom-made solutions
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With the professional expertise of retailers, manufacturers, certification bodies and other experts worldwide, IFS develops
globally recognised product quality and safety standards and development programs. To complement this, IFS offers
supportive tools and guidance documents to help quality managers work more efficiently. The common goal of IFS is to
strive for the best product safety and quality management processes so that consumers can trust the products they buy.

Reaching IFS PAC Secure certification with Quantum Food Solutions will help your business reach new clients and find weaknesses that are reducing profitability.

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Quantum Food Solutions and IFS PAC Secure

Quantum Food Solution’s expertise is in food safety and quality management programs like IFS PAC Secure. Working with our food consultant to build an effective food safety management system will prepare your business to manage any potential hazards to food safety. This management system will allow your team to continually manage, monitor, validate and improve the system as your business adds more clients and grows. 

Our standards include packaging types like:

  • Plastic film
  • Plastic bottles
  • Wrapping paper
  • Glass bottles
  • Any other packaging that are product contact

Quantum’s effective food quality consultant services include the development, implementation and validation (i.e., critical control points, pre-requisites programs) of food safety systems.

IFS PAC Secure

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