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Quantum Food Solutions

Quantum Food Solutions Inc. is a food consultancy service that focuses on your bottom line. We look at how your business can improve its profitability through safe, on-site inspections, looking for hidden  dangers that are often overlooked by traditional methods.

Our team of highly trained food safety consultants have the necessary backgrounds and experience in food processing. This gives us the ability to expertly spot weaknesses and offer ways to keep processing and operations safe. We can also identify areas in which your business can save money, finding inefficiencies in the operation, and offering recommendations to reduce them.

What We Do

Our Safety Consulting Process

Quantum Food Solution’s core function is to save you money and find ways you can become more profitable. We do this through our comprehensive line of services, each one having a strong focus on operational excellence. We base everything on scientific and engineering principles, and we prove our recommendations using next-generation instruments and computational tools.

We make sure that our food consultancy services follow very specific Pillars of Excellence to ensure compliance and profitability. These include: 

  • Food safety program development and implementation
  • Critical processes validation 
  • On-site calibration of food safety devices 
  • Customized HACCP training

We also make sure that your operation focuses on the right aspects for your bottom line. Canada’s new food regulations (SFCRs) consider food safety validation equally important, if not more, than just having a fully implemented Preventative Control Program (e.g., a HACCP program). 

Quantum Solutions isn’t a company that offers blanket recommendations. Everything we suggest is tailored to your needs, based on on-the-ground inspections using the best scientific tools.

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HACCP Training

One way to prioritize food safety is to focus on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or HACCP. It prioritizes and controls potential microbiological, chemical and physical contaminants in food production. By making it a priority, consumers can feel more confident that every product they purchase is as safe as good science and technology allows.

For a food processing company to comply and earn certification with HACCP, they need proper procedures that are set up for their individual needs. Using modelling tools to gather meaningful process data, you can measure the effectiveness of your food safety procedures and make improvements where necessary.

Quantum Food Solutions Inc. comes up with a training program that is specific to your business’s processing needs. We then deliver the program using live, on-site demonstrations. After each topic’s delivery, trainees are given either an assignment or a timed test. On-site training is also available provided adequate social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures are in place at the facility.

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