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Our talented team has received clearance by Health Canada to provide assistance to cannabis businesses (growing and edibles manufacturing operations). Our vast expertise in food safety and food manufacturing makes us the best partner to assist in any cannabis application or process. We also offer calibration services for any sensor used in a cannabis operation. Our backgrounds in Microbiology and Biological engineering are assets to ensuring your cannabis operation is always running at its peak performance.

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Service Offerings

With nearly two decades of expertise in food processing and Health Canada security clearance, we offer the following value-added services to the cannabis industry:

  • Regulatory representation as a Quality Assurance Person (QAP)
  • Facilitate expansion of operations, including procedures development, internal auditing (e.g., inclusion of new inputs, equipment, processes, etc)
  • Validation of critical food safety and quality variables via next-generation instruments and predictive microbiology tools
  • Edibles process setup and optimization (thermal / non-thermal systems), including but not limited to confectionary, bakery, infusions, meat snacks
  • On-site sensors calibration (e.g., CO2, temperature, humidity, airflow, pressure, among others)
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