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Quantum Food Solutions understands that getting to the next level requires commitment and cooperation with an expert food safety company.
Quantum Food Solutions are committed to delivering world-class Food Safety Company audits and verification by adopting state-of-the-art tools and technologies to ensure your food products remain safe, wholesome and consistent. Quantum Food Solutions delivers an unsurpassed level of food safety management services and to promote a culture of food safety through innovation and forward thinking.

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What We Offer


We offer programs such as HACCP, SQF, and BRCGS to ensure your food processing services are safe and certified.


We can validate your critical processes by helping you demonstrate that the food safety controls you have in place are effective and comply with regulation.


Our consulting service will make sure that your equipment is properly calibrated and running consistently and accurately.


Our training team implements the HACCP in a customizable format, unique to your work processes.


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We offer food safety audit services that are designed and developed to help you validate your FSSC 22000 certification.

We can help you verify that your food and food products are safe to eat and produced properly for years to come.

A Quantum food safety trainer is at the forefront of food handler and quality requirements and is employed by a leading food safety companyin Canada since the early 2000s. We help you to provide safe and healthy foods for your customers, while also allowing you to better manage your inventory.

Food safety is all about preventing infection by harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. One in eight Canadians are affected with food poisoning every year. When handling food, take the right steps to keep it safe from these contaminants.

Employee safety is our number one priority, and we take great care to ensure that all of our employees are continually trained in food safety and food safety training.

We have a team of experts who provide independent evaluations on the effectiveness of your food safety management system. We improve your company's training and health responsibilities.

With public and worker protection as our primary priority, we make sure that all workers are constantly trained in food hygiene.

These experts will review your system and recognise any holes in your system before selling to the public.

They will suggest steps you can take to resolve those gaps.

We also have an experienced team of company professionals who perform unbiased assessments of the patient safety management system.

We're consulting across the province and always looking for ways to improve and make our processes more efficient, so that we can save time for the people who need it more than us.

One of our favorite projects is configuring and deploying new food processing company inventory management systems by creating custom recommendations for software to be used throughout the businesses in toronto

Food safety courses and audits instantly demonstrate your advanced commitment to producing or trading in safe food, which can be helpful when subject to provide inspection by regulatory authorities or stakeholders in toronto and according to global manufacturing standards. Let us provide a free online introduction to gap analysis and our many courses.

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