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Renzo Gomez’ early passion for food led him to earn Bachelor of Science and Biological Engineering degrees from the University of Guelph. Joining the food industry in 2004, and focusing his career in food processing operations, Renzo has held various progressive roles in quality assurance and food safety management. It was through these various roles that he identified that the food industry was urgently in need of more robust, science-based, and affordable food safety solutions. In 2015, Renzo founded Quantum Food Solutions Inc. to fill this industry need.

Staffed with experts in the food processing industry, our team has a diverse background involved in many different aspects of the industry. We are passionate about food safety and quality control. It is our aim to help clients strengthen their reputation through validation and improve work processes in order to provide a reliable and consistent product. Quantum Food Solutions is here to solve your food processing problems!

The Quantum team of food consultants focus exclusively on the processing industry. Our specialties include Food Safety, Food Microbiology, Biological Engineering, Thermal Processing Operations, Statistical Process Control and Metrology.

Our Team

Quantum Food Solutions Inc. provides Renzo a platform by which to use his expertise and passion to integrate the latest scientific, engineering, and computational methods to tackle existing and emerging food industry challenges. His areas of expertise include, but are not limited to food safety, food microbiology, thermal / non-thermal food processing operations, statistical process control and metrology.

Career Highlights:

  • Hired as a thermal processing authority to transition some of the industry’s leading poultry processors from uncooked / frozen poultry products to much safer cooked products using forced-convection, impingement / spiral ovens (e.g., superheated steam). Products include, but are not limited to chicken nuggets, chicken burgers, chicken & turkey wings, chicken balls, etc. These products are sold across main retail chains (e.g., Loblaw, Sobeys, etc). Thermal evaluations have also met strict government compliance requirements and have attained ‘no objection’ status from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  • Serve industry as process authority in safe processing of ready-to-eat, heat-treated and non-heat-treated, shelf-stable meat/poultry products (e.g., pepperoni, jerky, salami, among others).

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