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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, or HACCP, is a program that goes beyond inspecting food products. It helps to find, correct, and prevent hazards at every part of the production process, including physical, chemical, and biological hazards. HACCP is not just used in food production; many other industries around the world, including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, use this close examination process to prevent contamination.

Having HACCP certification is necessary for getting other certifications, including SQF and BRCGS. Quantum Food Solutions is a leader in food safety audits and consultancy, including for HACCP. We can also provide USDA HACCP training for facilities looking to expand into and export to the United States.

HACCP Training With Quantum Food Solutions

All your employees must know and understand what goes into your HACCP program. The proper use of these standards depends on them comprehending and making them a part of regular processes. You and your whole team can gain in-depth expertise and practical knowledge with our customizable HACCP training program delivered by our expert HACCP trainers. 

Quantum Food Solutions develops a new training program for every company. These are designed to meet the unique needs of your operation, or we can develop a training program that is specific to selected areas of interest. Training topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Critical Aspects of Hazard Analysis of a HACCP Plan (Form 1 – 11)
  • A Practical Guide to Develop Effective Pre-Requisite Programs (e.g. FSEP – CFIA)
  • Fundamentals of HACCP System Validation and Evidence (measuring the effectiveness of food safety, using modelling tools, gathering meaningful process data, etc.)

HACCP Training Delivery

Quantum Food Solutions makes sure that we can deliver the training in a way that works for your team. As an adaptation to current sanitary needs, our HACCP experts can deliver live, interactive training sessions online. We also make on-site training available, provided you have adequate social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures in place at the facility.

Measuring the Effectiveness of HACCP Training

After each topic’s delivery, trainees are given either an assignment or a timed test. Independent assignments may be selected using our extensive library of templates (e.g. HACCP Plans, procedures, written programs). However, other materials may also be used, provided they are relevant and adequate for the topic being covered.

Contact us to learn more about our customized training solutions. Our team of experts will work directly with your team to come up with a training process that works for your operation and equipment.

HACCP Training Classes

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