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When thinking of potential sources of contamination, most people say the contaminants we can see with the naked eye: improper handling of ingredients by employees, incorrect handwashing, soiled garments, etc. Most sources of contamination, however, are unseen! Improperly cleaned food contact surfaces, biofilm, chemical residue by non-food chemicals, and many more parts can be sources for illness-inducing problems.

Another important, unseen hazard is often overlooked, even though it often floats in the air around us: airborne pathogens. Listeria mono, mould spores, and many other microbes come into contact with surfaces through the air, and they are directed by the air pressure in the facility. These organisms can affect low, medium and high-risk products (i.e., Categories 1, 2A and 2B).

The way the air flows within your facility is crucial for reducing the amount of biological contamination in your product. You don't want the microbes flowing from your raw beef production area to your ready-to-eat packaging area! This is why bringing in a food consultancy business like Quantum Food Solutions, one that can measure the positive air pressure of each part of your facility, is very important.

Validation Considerations For Positive Air Pressure

To deal with these airborne pathogens - and this is a matter of when, not if - the Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP, CFIA) has made provisions under ventilation controls in the Premises program, section A.2.3.2:

Ventilation systems ensure that air flows from the least contaminated areas to the most contaminated areas.

Validating positive air pressure is critical and mandatory for receiving HACCP, BRCGS, and SQF certification.


Quantum Food Solutions And Air Pressure Validation

Quantum's team of highly-trained food consultation professionals have the experience and tools needed to evaluate and validate your airflow process. We'll show you how you can reduce the risk of microbial contamination and achieve HACCP recognition or BRC/SQF certification. 

Don’t wait for airborne contaminations to affect your product and business: call us today. We will provide a free assessment of your process and tell you what you need to grow and protect your business!

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