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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point/s

Quantum Food Solutions Inc. provides comprehensive HACCP and auditing services with a focus on operational excellence and food safety consulting in Windermere, British Columbia. As part of our expertise in food safety compliance, we develop food safety programs, validate important processes, calibrate food safety monitoring equipment, and conduct accurate HACCP audits in all types of food factories.

What Is HACCP?

If you’re a food processing operation, food safety is essential to your success. The HACCP is a systematic, preventative approach to this important part of business, a logical tool for adapting traditional inspection methods to a modern, science-based, system. 

HACCP certification goes beyond inspecting finished food products. It helps to find, correct, and prevent hazards throughout the production process. These include physical, chemical, and biological hazards. It has seven principles:

  1. Conduct a Hazard Analysis
  2. Identify Critical Control Points
  3. Establish Critical Limits
  4. Monitor Critical Control Points
  5. Establish Corrective Actions
  6. Establish Record Keeping Procedures
  7. Establish Verification Procedures

The team of food consultancy experts at Quantum Food Solutions can make these seven points easier to achieve in your business and bring your food processing up to current standards.

HACCP Audits For Food Safety

The HACCP system is essential for food products. Our certification and audit services are specifically designed to meet your company’s needs in Windermere, British Columbia. The team at Quantum Food Solutions Inc. is aware of the commitment, dedication, and resources required to move forward.
We provide world-class HACCP advisory services in Windermere, British Columbia using cutting-edge techniques and technologies to ensure your food products and production processes are secure, healthy, and reliable. For all kinds of food items and factory production methods, we provide comprehensive HACCP and food safety services.
Whether you need HACCP certification or audits in Windermere, British Columbia, we can help. Make sure your company is HACCP-compliant!

Certified HACCP Auditing Services

Quantum Food Solutions

Quantum Food Solution’s expertise is in food safety consultancy and developing high-quality management programs. Our coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following food categories:

  • Raw prepared products (meat and vegetarian)
  • Raw fish products
  • Fruit, vegetables and nuts
  • Prepared fruit, vegetables and nuts
  • Dairy, liquid egg
  • Cooked meat, poultry, fish products
  • Cured and fermented meat and fish
  • Ready-to-eat meals, sandwiches, and desserts
  • Low or high acid products (e.g. sauces, marinades, preserves, etc.) in cans, glass, or plastic containers
  • Beverages (e.g. juices, carbonated, etc.)
  • Bakery dried foods and ingredients
  • Dried foods and ingredients
  • Oils and fats (e.g. margarine, salad dressings)

Our service includes developmentimplementation and validation (e.g. critical control points, pre-requisites programs) of your food safety system.

We go beyond HACCP, too. In developing. implementing, and validating the program, the Quantum team of food consultants can also pinpoint the weaknesses in production and offer solutions to save and make you money.

Food Safety Compliance Audits


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