HACCP Dairy Certification & Audits in Raymond, Alberta

Quantum Food Solutions Inc. offers HACCP certification and auditing services for dairy products and producers in Raymond, Alberta and surrounding nearby areas. Our comprehensive services guarantee that your food safety system and processes meet the industry standards for the production of safe and quality dairy products.

HACCP for Dairy Products

Our team of experts in Raymond, Alberta is thoroughly familiar with HACCP systems pertaining to dairy production and processing, as well as government regulations regarding milk testing, labeling, storage, pasteurization, and more. We offer a detailed audit of your company’s current practices along with our recommendations to refine any shortcomings or discrepancies found during the auditing process.
Our goal is to analyze your factory so that your food safety processes for dairy remain compliant with relevant regulatory requirements at all times. With Quantum Food Solutions Inc. food safety auditing services in Raymond, Alberta, you can rest assured that all your dairy products are securely produced.
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Certified HACCP Auditing Services

Quantum Food Solutions


We offer programs such as HACCP, SFCR-PCPs, SQF, and BRCGS to ensure your food processes meet SFCR, customer and 3rd Party Audit requirements.


We validate your critical processes by helping you demonstrate that the food safety controls you have in place are effective and comply with regulation.


Our consulting service will make sure that your equipment is properly calibrated and running consistently and accurately.


Our training team implements HACCP training in a customizable format, unique to your work processes.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

Food Safety Compliance Audits for Dairy

If you’re a food processing operation, food safety is essential to your success. The HACCP is a systematic, preventative approach to this important part of business, a logical tool for adapting traditional inspection methods to a modern, science-based, system. 

HACCP certification goes beyond inspecting finished food products. It helps to find, correct, and prevent hazards throughout the production process. These include physical, chemical, and biological hazards. It has seven principles:

  1. Conduct a Hazard Analysis
  2. Identify Critical Control Points
  3. Establish Critical Limits
  4. Monitor Critical Control Points
  5. Establish Corrective Actions
  6. Establish Record Keeping Procedures
  7. Establish Verification Procedures

The team of food consultancy experts at Quantum Food Solutions can make these seven points easier to achieve in your business and bring your food processing up to current standards.

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