BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 8
The BRC Standard

The BRC Standard was originally developed by the British Retail Consortium and was published in 1998. The most current edition (Issue 8) was released in August of 2018. It aims to provide a framework for food processors, which is geared to produce safe food, while simultaneously manage product quality to meet customers’ specifications.

“In order to accomplish these objectives, the BRC Standard has been designed with specific criteria, which aids food processors to meet their relevant legislative requirements as well as to offer a higher level of protection to the end consumer.”

The BRC Standard, as other globally recognized food safety schemes, was derived from codes of practice outlined by the Codex-Alimentarius International Food Standards, originally developed by the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), delegated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Our expertise in food safety and quality management programs includes – but it is not limited to, the following food categories:

  • Raw prepared products (meat and vegetarian)
  • Raw fish products
  • Fruit, vegetables and nuts
  • Prepared fruit, vegetables and nuts
  • Dairy, liquid egg
  • Cooked meat, poultry, fish products
  • Raw cured and / or fermented meat and fish
  • Ready meals and sandwiches, ready-to-eat desserts
  • Low/high acid products (e.g., sauces, marinades, preserves, etc.) in cans/glass/plastic containers
  • Beverages (e.g., juices, carbonated, etc.)
  • Bakery dried foods and ingredients
  • Dried foods and ingredients
  • Oils and fats (e.g., margarine, salad dressings)

Our service includes development, implementation and validation (i.e., critical control points, pre-requisites programs) of your food safety system.

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The BRC Standard (Issue 8) Highlights:
Promotes the development of a culture of food safety;
Requires a more comprehensive environmental monitoring program to reflect risk/s to product safety;
In addition to food safety, it also requires development of systems to enhance security and food defence, as well as to protect product authenticity (i.e., food fraud).

Daniel Dorigiola

Co-Owner / QA Manager – Venetian Meat and Salami Co. Ltd., Hamilton, Ontario

“We have used the services from Quantum Food Solutions for a number of years to help us manage our written food safety program and validate our food safety controls (e.g., cooking, cooling, fermented/dry-cured products). We are very pleased with their practical approach to resolving issues and finding opportunities for process improvement. We certainly appreciate the high level of service they continue to provide our company and highly recommend their services”.

Pawel Zwerello

HACCP Coordinator, Sikorski Sausages, London, Ontario

“Renzo is very knowledgeable in Food Sciences, and we hired him as a process authority to help us approve a custom process, which received ‘no objection’ from CFIA. Renzo works in an efficient, professional and timely manner. We look forward to working with Renzo in the future, and have no reservations on recommending him to others looking to improve their processes and take their Food Safety to the next level. Thanks Quantum!”

Marius Kamerbeek

Plant Manager, Erie Meats, Listowel, Ontario

“We manufacture cooked meat and poultry products at our federal facility. We hired Quantum to evaluate our cooking processes including our smokehouses and spiral oven. We appreciate their high quality of service that has enabled us to comply with CFIA and FSIS requirements. We certainly recommend their services.”

Pete Holowachuk

Quality Manager, Winkler Meats Ltd., Winkler, Manitoba.

“We are a CFIA inspected plant certificated to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. Renzo came to us highly recommended and we have contracted him on multiple occasions to validate our cooking and chilling processes. He uses a practical approach and specialized tools that allow him to provide a fairly comprehensive service. We look forward to working with him again and definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a robust, yet affordable food safety service.”

Stefan Cartmale

General Manager, Bright Cheese Ltd., Bright, Ontario.

“Thank you Quantum for all of the work to help us attain BRC certification. It has been one of the most rewarding achievements of my lifetime and I am so proud that we were able to achieve the BRC AA rating! By doing so, it has opened many new doors for us and also enable us to expand and continue to grow our business. We definitely recommend Quantum’s food safety services.”

Ramon Eberle

Plant Manager, Stonetown Artisan Cheese Ltd., St. Marys, Ontario.

This is to acknowledge that Renzo Gomez from Quantum Food Solutions facilitated the
installation of a solid HACCP plan, which allowed us to reach our goal of becoming federally licensed with CFIA. Thanks to our upgraded food safety standards, we were able to get in to business with Farm Boy and sell our product in new markets outside of Ontario. His service is affordably priced, very streamlined and his communication is honest and straight forward. It was a pleasure to work with Renzo Gomez and we are looking forward to work with him again in the future”

Julia Banton

Vice President of Operations, Kitchen Partners Limited, Edmonton, Alberta.

“Renzo has a wealth of knowledge, whilst maintaining a logical and common sense outlook to the tasks ahead. His approach is unique to that of other consultants I have worked with, in that he is pragmatic and makes light work of global codes/standards. We definitely look forward to continuing to work together and highly recommend Quantum to anyone looking to upgrade their food safety and quality systems.”

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